Jennifer Clemison-Nguyen #132

Jennifer Clemison-Nguyen #132

Vehicle Make: Boone Fabrication Class-1

Motor: Chevrolet LS Built by Darren SanAngelo

Tansaxle: Albins built by Weddle

Tires: BFGoodrich

Wheels: BTR

Brakes: Jamar

Suspension: King Shocks

Driver’s Bio: My husband and my boys race dirt bikes for years and one day they asked me "Mom don't you want to race you have swept our lines feed us and taken care of us for years. We think it's your turn" from that day forward we started in Off Road Racing and never looked back. 

I started racing class 1300 hundred July 2003 - august 2005. Moved to Class 1 December 2005. Had the pleasure of helping start the most amazing off-road race in 2006 called the MORE Powder Puff Race Towards a Cure aka Powder Puff Off-road. Through the years I have had a 2nd place over all in Class 1 3rd place over all in class 1 had the pleasure of beating one of my idols in off road Troy Herbst in 2007. Highest speed ever hit was 132 mph, rolled countless times. I have never missed racing the Powder Puff. The off-road community is small but we are mighty I have met some of the nicest people Now call family.  Off road racing has kept my family close together.


Sponsors: Mckenzies - Gregory Sales and Service - Jamar - A1 higher graphics - factory Canopy - DAMZL - systems XT - GG lighting - Pro Eagle - buggy whips